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Those who despise both mind and morality often anathematize the Jews, who highly value mind and morality.
It is a literary history that characterizes a genre in the context of religious and hence political controversy wherein authors, printers, and publishers sought to define and win over one audience and anathematize another.
But there is always the disquieting possibility that a turn of fortune may bring the pupil face to face with actual facts, and that she will anathematize you as a charlatan when she finds that you did not give her the adequate preparation which you assured her she was getting.
Is Archbishop Hutchison planning to anathematize all such wayward Anglicans publicly in Toronto's St.
One is to anathematize those who claim success, as happened to magicians and alchemists until physics and chemistry became respectable scientific subjects in the modern era.
An underlying tendency exists to anathematize the religious Other as inhumane.
A professor of theology in the graduate department of religious studies at Emory University and a former teacher at Notre Dame, his remarkable study of medieval monastic spirituality, The Invention of Sodomy, won well-deserved praise for tracing the discourses that were created to anathematize male homoeroticism as "sodomy.
While the empty hubris of much of the Arab world leads it to anathematize all things American, the populations of the South Atlantic continents admire the social and economic success of the United States, our cultural totems, and our political values.
The court could anathematize tyrants, warlords, and generals who might otherwise maintain a veneer of respectability.
And we anathematize anyone who had held or holds any other opinion .
That's a symptom of a wider problem that I call "reverse ecumenicism," an opportunist alliance between extreme Catholics and extreme Protestants who used to exclude and anathematize one another.
That's why you have a lot of working-class people who anathematize unions.