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Oriental Orthodox should at the same time lift all anathemas and condemnations against all Orthodox councils and fathers, whom they have anathematized or condemned in the past.
Barry began, and has continued, in the seemingly anathematized medium of painting.
And on September 28, 2000, Olmert accompanied Sharon, a man anathematized by the Palestinians as "the butcher of Sabra and Shatila", in the provocative walking visit to Haram Asharif that triggered the second intifada.
Based on "mature Protestant soteriology" (90) then, the vivid imaginings of the ars moriendi texts would seem to be neutralized, if not anathematized.
I am touching here upon a subject anathematized till very recently by medical penalty: but if I am to present these problems in historical illumination, dogmatic imprecations must not deter me (Behring 1905).
He retained his position until 1930, when he was forced out of office thanks to an anti-Semitic smear campaign orchestrated by the far-right press, but his work had been anathematized by those with conservative and monarchist affiliations from the very start.
In addition, I found errors: Halkett did not rescue Charles and Mary Seton, Earl and Countess of Dunfermline, but an important pair of Bampfield's allies, the Scots Presbyterian pro-royalist landowners, Lord Alexander and Lady Margaret Mackenzie Lindsay (Lord and Lady Balcarres), who were also anathematized by Charles II.
Accordingly, it was decreed that he be "banned, cut off, cursed, and anathematized.
As a result, the Reformed churches anathematized all kinds of entertainment: opera; dance; secular music; sports (later, movies were included in this list), as if, in this way, they could slow down the effects of modernism.
11) He wrote in protest to the bishop of Canterbury claiming that "Lutheranism and Calvinism are heresies, repugnant to Scripture, springing up three centuries since, and anathematized by East as well as West.
David Starkey may have been anathematized by the previous IHR conference, but he cannot be easily dismissed.
Universal moral norms and metaphysical or anthropological ethical foundations appear to have been anathematized from their contents.