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We estimate that the archaic DNA fragments that survive in modern African genomes come from a form or forms that diverged from the common ancestor of anatomically modern humans 700 thousand to 1 million years ago," said Hammer.
Be as anatomically specific as possible in your observations and instructions.
FAST-PVI is the first study quantifying procedure time efficiency improvements associated with the use of anatomically designed catheter ablation systems," said Gunnar Klein, M.
According to Hammer, the first signs of anatomically modern features appeared about 200,000 years ago.
Although recirculation following anterior ethmoidectomy is purely hypothetical at this point, its existence is anatomically intuitive.
It's designed to provide correct and anatomically accurate scoring zones for a quartering deer from the ground or treestand.
Perhaps not anatomically correct, but a fine political philosophy for the next four years.
New from BHT Bicma Hygiene-Technologie GmbH, Mayer, Germany, is its high efficiency model "BI 13-00 PS" machine for the manufacture of anatomically shaped panty liners.
Classes began with anatomically based curves, foldings, and rolls that then grew into more complicated movements.
In a recent article in Glamour magazine, Nelson describes how, in the spring of 1991, Boston Red Sox fans tossed around inflatable, anatomically correct female dolls during home baseball games.
Sat Pad is a kit consisting of anatomically conforming pads that are filled with perfluorochemical.
The ALEUTIAN family of five different systems offers a full array of anatomically designed PEEK-OPTIMA([R]) interbody options, including the Anterior-Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF), Small-Anterior (Cervical), Posterior-Lumbar Interbody Fusion (PLIF), Anatomically Narrow (AN), and Transforaminal-Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF).