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With the sharpest dissection tools and aesthetic sensibilities, the anatomist reveals through incisions to the body interior of both man and matter, what is usually hidden, camouflaged, dismissed or routinely ignored.
In mammals, turtles and birds, inflating the vascular region of a penis with saline enlarges it, allowing anatomists to see how the penis becomes erect.
In Morandi's world, woman's position shifts from being the object of anatomical discovery (as exemplified by the wax anatomical Venus) to being full-fledged anatomist, the very agent of scientific discovery, where her eyes and her hands with equal skill probe the secrets of the male reproductive system and genitalia.
He looks into all aspects of the subject, from the backgrounds of the anatomists to the process of procuring and preserving of the bodies before relating the story of the autopsy itself.
They have not entered into our understanding of the anatomists, students, and surgeons who open and immerse themselves in decaying and sickly bodies.
The theatre prompter John Downes remembered that in the year when Queen Anne's birthday celebrations took place on Shrove Tuesday, Edward Ravenscroft's farce The Anatomist was 'done by the Actors of both Houses, and perfectly Perform'd; there being an Additional Entertainment in't of the best Singers and Dancers, Foreign and English .
Their corpses were then sold to Professor Robert Knox, a leading anatomist at Edinburgh University.
16th century Italian anatomist Gabriel Fallopius gave his name to the fallopian tubes in which eggs travel from the ovary to the uterus.
There's emerging evidence that mangosteen has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-microbial properties," says David Morton, a University of Utah anatomist who is scientific advisor to XanGo.
Volunteer Jean Moore, a retired anatomist who likens excavating Pit 91 to journeying back in time, hands a hooked object that she just uncovered to geologist Kristen Vowels, who then records the finding in a log book.
This controversial exhibition which ran until the end of February is the work of German anatomist Dr.