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In this respect, this article by concentrating on Olympics and Paralympics Games 2012 in London, through an illustrative case study, has anatomized how a super power has exploited this unique opportunity to represent itself among her other counterparts in the world.
The mule nicely summarizes all of the diseases to which the frail vessel of the human is subject, and the vices to which physicians as a profession succumb, vices which are, of course, savagely anatomized in Volpone.
What is important about the feminist reinterpretations of sexual anatomy is not so much that their "truth" about the body trumped that of mainstream science, but that there was/is an explicit recognition of the "political nature of the anatomized body as turf" (Moore & Clarke, 1995, p.
For the Snark was a Boojum, you see, something more than a creature to be hunted, anatomized, and turned into a commodity.
Tough Muri provides some important historical detail here, the cultural-historical analysis is disappointingly fleeting although the chapter's conclusion insists that the man-machine anatomized by Willis and theorized by La Mettrie "represented the governance of the social and commercial hierarchies of the nation" (165).
The book's pace is glacial, which is part of its power: every movement of Mr F's body and psyche is revealed and anatomized, with utter clarity and complete sympathy.
Throughout the book, Sugg does not give much consideration to the crucial continuities between Vesalius and his predecessors, other than asserting that Galenic humoral theory "was resituated and revivified by its association" with the "very new" rhetoric of the anatomized body (127).
In Blinded by Science (2006-2007) colorful transparent glass objects are positioned over the anatomized bodies, emphasizing their transparency, vulnerability, and fragility.
The 300 entries in the book, all deeply researched and written with great critical diligence and even flair, are grouped under headings culled from both sf and the sciences: Celestial Bodies and Phenomena; Concepts; Genres; Leading Figures (including Authors, Characters, Philosophers, Scientists, and Scientist/Authors); Pseudosciences and real Sciences (including Social Sciences and further anatomized into Scientific Models and Theories); and Technology.
Historically, the ethnographic gaze of the camera "like the microscope, anatomized the 'other'" (Shohat and Stam 106).
Attridge's solo volume, The Rhythms of English Poetry, has a chapter list running to almost two and a half pages, with each of the book's four sections anatomized into subheadings such as "Linguistic Approaches" and "The Four-Beat Rhythm," then subdivided again into individual explanations of arcana like "Demotion," "Implied Offbeats," and "Stress Hierarchies.
Shakespeare Minus Theory does not attempt to read its subject from a perspective before Foucault, Derrida, Greenblatt, and others had deconstructed and anatomized the author but rather counters their arguments to re-engage the Shakespearean text.