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Stanley Fish, anatomizing the prose of a mind thinking, suggests the psychological difference between the rational, organized style (which he calls "rhetorical") and the speculative and inductive (or "dialectical") style:
In anatomizing the "beast," Wright both follows and makes strategic revisions in the stereotype.
This involves not only emphasizing in general the religious element in the anatomical project, but also establishing a set of one-to-one "homologies," argued with varying degrees of conviction, between "important moments of new anatomizing .
He suggests that 'both poems are coherent psychological allegories, anatomizing and representing the education of a single soul' (13), and that their aim is at once to 'imagine the philosophical information of a ruler' and 'to promote self-knowledge in their readers' (15).
Thus it falls to independent voices to broach the issue, as The Nation did in its June 3 special issue anatomizing the vast holdings of General Electric, Time Warner, Disney-Cap Cities and Westinghouse and urging their dismantling on antitrust grounds.
Metaphysical plays set the preconditions for this analysis by anatomizing individual and public minds.