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ANCHORAGE, merc. law. A toll paid for every anchor cast from a ship into a river, and sometimes a toll bearing this name is paid, although there be no anchor cast. This toll is said to be incident to almost every port. 1 Wm. Bl. 413; 2 Chit. Com. Law, 16.

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Much like CIRI's shareholders came to Anchorage, so have many of the other Alaska Native regional corporations.
For more information about the Walk-In Clinic at Anchorage Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic or to schedule an appointment, please call (907) 561-4878.
Additionally, the Q400 will replace an Alaska 737 on one of two daily round-trip flights between Anchorage and Kodiakseasonally from October through April.
All routes will be operated by A320s except the Anchorage service, which will be flown on a 757-300.
Epperson is a founding member of Anchorage Music Teachers Association.
Augie Hiebert, a pioneer in Alaska television and radio and a 5 percent owner of Alaska Broadcasting, said, ``The proposed merger of KTVA and KTBY is very healthy news for the Anchorage television industry.
Club member Michael Kean, who works as Transportation Director, Anchorage Economic Development Corporation, is scheduled to give next month's luncheon talk.
Students and teachers will show the athletes around Anchorage, and serve as the athletes' personal cheering section.
This is an important step in validating our presence in the Anchorage community as a viable arts organization," says Sullivan.
The issue arose in Alaska after two Anchorage men filed a lawsuit challenging a 1996 law outlawing same-sex marriage.
Anchorage service begins May 22, 2010, with once-weekly Saturday service to and from Chicago O'Hare International Airport.
While many towns in Alaska experienced boom and bust as natural resources were discovered, extracted, and eventually exhausted, Anchorage has managed a history of mostly steady growth, taking advantage of its geographical location as a hub for transportation, business, technology, and community.