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Lunansky and her title, "How to Teach Your Kids to Swear: an anecdotal guide to alternative parental submonitions" write to special_markets@donnaink.
She added: "Beryl has an effortless way of demonstrating her unique painting talent while giving an amusing anecdotal talk.
Additionally, there have been anecdotal reports of increased muscle strain and exertional compartment syndrome in the leg with creatine use.
Anecdotal Cardiff - the Bus Tour is based on work by Cardiff Central Library's artist in resident Jenny Savage, who spent six months talking to more than 70 local people about their experiences and memories of Cardiff.
Using an excellent anecdotal storytelling style, Forest goes on to portray the concepts of sin, confession, forgiveness, and absolution and includes actual confessions sent to him.
The bias towards presenting anecdotal kind of reports and with undergraduate students is understandable in view of the fact that the typical undergraduate psychology course has a high content load (e.
Public Citizen relied upon unsubstantiated anecdotal reports in support of its petition, and HHS confirmed that such reports alone "do not provide a scientific basis for assessing the safety of ephedrine alkaloids or establish a link between the reported adverse events and the ingestion of ephedrine alkaloids.
Anecdotal reports across the industry show that, on average, anywhere from 50% to 70% of initial applications within certain face-amounts can be "jet" approved.
Much of the information gathered was anecdotal, and as such might be more valuable than simple statistics.
Issued six times a year, the Beige Book report is an anecdotal compilation of economic data from each Federal Reserve district.
In the meantime, several gynecologists have used imiquimod to treat these types of patients on an anecdotal basis, a step that 3M cautions against.