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The anesthetic technique Sorenson Medical's innovative ambIT pump makes possible is called continuous peripheral nerve block and has been available for a few years but is just now coming in to mainstream use, with physicians like Williams and Whitmore leading the way.
This prospective, randomized study compared BIS-guided anesthetic with standard clinical practice to determine the effects of minimizing exposure to anesthetics on inflammatory response.
Since ON-Q is used at the surgical site to deliver local anesthetic, we are expecting this study to show that ON-Q can reduce the incidence of surgical site infections.
PIERREL is currently a supplier of dental injectable anesthetics to DENTSPLY in certain regions of the world.
AstraZeneca has also granted Abraxis BioScience the right of first offer to purchase or license its branded anesthetics and analgesics portfolio outside of the U.
At the same time Abraxis BioScience is acquiring a strong anesthetic and analgesic portfolio which enhances their market leading injectable drug portfolio in the U.
As the Wall Street Journal article mentioned, home infusion pumps -- which treat wounds with local anesthetics through tiny catheters inserted into the patient's skin -- are a growing alternative to narcotic drugs in post-operative pain management and other treatments.
Patients in the study who received an ON-Q delivering a local anesthetic got effective pain relief and used significantly less narcotics, experienced an earlier return of bowel function and ambulated (were able to get up and move around) sooner than patients in the control group.
NASDAQ:XRAY) today announced that, as a result of its continuing evaluation of the dental injectable anesthetic business, the Company will close its Chicago-based Pharmaceutical Manufacturing facility.
The tender is for: Installation, commissioning and preventive and corrective maintenance of 55 intermediate anesthesia systems, supply of kits for anesthesia and anesthetic gases to perform 157,500 anesthetic procedures for patients, at a cost per unit of $60 for a total cost of $9,450,000 over a period of 60 months, extendable.
These animals needed higher doses of the drug to make them groggy, suggesting that this brain spot is important for anesthetic effects.
Local and general anesthetic agents are commonly used in pregnancy, especially for epidural or combined spinal epidural analgesia at delivery.