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Before signing on with Anew Green, "We had been throwing waste bottles of toner away," says Karen Winter, quality assurance manager at Sandy Springs, Ga.
Swedish investor Bure Equity AB (OMX Stockholm: BURE) announced on Thursday (7 August) that it has signed a letter of intent to merge its subsidiary Anew Learning AB with AcadeMedia AB (OMX Stockholm: ACAD B) to form Sweden's largest educational company.
Circumstances are different today, and the right choice will require assessing anew the tradeoffs between complexity, fairness, and economic growth.
seeks to explore what a reader/viewer-oriented criticism might contribute to an understanding of Ecclesiastes and to recover a concern for hearing God's Word anew.
Looking anew at Bechtle, and recalling the work of younger artists, from Jeff Wall to Peter Cain to Charles Ray (who contributes an appreciative essay), one begins to see for the first time the strange, almost cinematic play of light and shadow, of reality and reflection, and above all, the seesaw of inexpressive detail and emotional nuance.
When a factory closes, when farmers are told to change crops and learn anew, when comfort is banished and replaced by competition, it can dampen a country's will.
This July the centenary of his birth will be celebrated: a chance to appreciate anew a great statesman and a man of faith.
The bishops will meet anew in March to discuss these issues.
Anew law lets Virginia teens opt out of real-life dissections (cutting apart animals for study) in biology class.
These forces add a new layer of horror to Barrada's story, because there is a sense in which Barrada's severed head is speaking again, offering its compelling message anew.
Anew blow molding machine controller with a Windows PC operator interface is said to be more flexible than the previous system from Moog Inc.
Anew pedestrian bridge over the Bronx River Parkway and Bronx River will connect Shoelace Park and Muskrat Cove.