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ANGEL. An ancient English coin of the value of ten shillings sterling. Jac. L. D. h.t.

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Singer Owain's vocals swirl angelically to astonishing choral effect, while pristine and intricately picked guitar lines leap around their brooding rhythms.
And through the advanced technology of modern music-making the fictional Cheryl's "flat and anaemic cheeping means that on her records she possesses perfect pipes and pitch, her voice angelically enhanced by computer programmes and back-up singers.
Who turned up angelically, we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend.
Indeed, the one character who knit the melee together in the audience's eyes, who gave it form and meaning, was Young Lucius, garbed angelically in a brilliant white toga.
But what inquiring minds really want to know is: Who of the young, angelically singing sisters in the choir is the bestselling author and Erie Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister?
On the next track, the focus turns gentle and smooth when Harris - with her angelically tender voice and skill at harmony - proclaims herself "a step away" from your heart.
Helmholtz, a man of forty, who believed that his great belly was a sign of health, strength and dignity, smiled angelically, as though he were about to release the most exquisite sounds ever heard by men.
Just eight years old, Rhema has regaled the world with her angelically sung gospel music.
Much like Hollywood films that offer heroic stereotypes of brave, courageous, morally incorruptible soldiers who angelically embody nationalism, British literature of the nineteenth century made use of similar character types to align reader sympathies more closely with political and national interests.
Windows surround, opening to azure waters and angelically white clouds.
Grace had progressed from sleeping angelically in her crib to crawling about the floor and getting into all kinds of mischief, and was now at the stage where the only way she could keep her quiet while Anna attended to her sewing was to set up a little work station of her own.