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The effect of heat input, angle of inclinations and filling ratio of the working fluid have been analyzed and reported.
The direction of the tangent to the vehicle mass is worth comparing to the angle of inclination of the vehicle body.
A slope with a value of 1 indicates that the ratio of rise to run is equal; this gives us an angle of inclination of 45 degrees, and a 100% grade.
ACC], which is determined by taking into account the angle of inclination of the surface and other characteristics of the track.
To assess the importance of placing photovoltaic modules at a determined angle and its relation with efficiency, pyranometers were installed horizontally and at the angle of inclination of the panels, in order to verify any difference in the values.
The extent of tension field anchored by the slab depends on the plastic hinge location, angle of inclination of the tension field, tensile strength of concrete, and the shear strength of concrete slab.
Figure 17 shows the effect of the angle of inclination [phi] on temperature [theta].
How does the domain and range of the graph change when the angle of inclination of the cannon increases (e.
If tonnage increases, the hydraulic system automatically decreases the angle of inclination, which decreases material retention, until the proper tonnage is detected.
y] for different angle of inclination [gamma]0 of prolate irregularities of electron density fluctuations with respect to the external magnetic field.
A team of researchers based in Japan found that the trunk angle of inclination - the angle between the true vertical and a straight line from the first thoracic vertebra to the first sacral vertebra- is linked to becoming dependent on help for activities of daily living (ADL) such as bathing, feeding, toilet, maintaining continence, dressing, and transferring in or out of a bed or chair.
For computational purpose we have assumed an angle of inclination [alpha] and the applied pressure gradient in the x-direction and are fixed.