angle of vision

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You can rotate the phone and get a different view depending on your angle of vision.
The book's acute angle of vision brilliantly uncovers Augustine's Manichaean cast of mind even after he became Catholic, but it also flirts with reductionism and loses some perspective on the historical Augustine.
Use the computer's mouse tochange the line of sight and angle of vision.
78; the ratio between the horizontal and vertical angle of vision of a motionless human eye is 1.
The book offers insights and ideas for adjusting your angle of vision so you open the door to happiness and success.
I will say that "Copperhead" approaches the Civil War from an angle of vision unusual in American popular culture, and even there it might surprise you.
The child" is simultaneously a subject and an interpretive angle of vision on biblical texts.
A novel angle of vision will shed new light: the art created by her great-aunt, Julia Margaret Cameron.
The range of scholarship is astonishing, the level of intellectual engagement is of a very high order, and the writing is always thought-provoking, shifting our angle of vision even on well-trodden subjects.
Needless to say, the scope of the book is ambitious, and it proposes a classic comparative framework in a conceit that is more visual than musical: the "colors and nuances" of Hemingway and the French authors to whom he is compared "are highlighted as they shift, blend, and refract according to the angle of vision and the quality of light brought to bear on the subject" (160).
Several months ago, after studying the monumental rock formations embedded in the landscape around her home, she decided to shift her angle of vision from the ground to an upright perspective.