angle of vision

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The fore- and-aft rig in its simplicity and the beauty of its aspect under every angle of vision is, I believe, unapproachable.
But, what every one might have noticed was the interminable hours which he often employed, seated upon the parapet of the area in front of the church, in contemplating the sculptures of the front; examining now the foolish virgins with their lamps reversed, now the wise virgins with their lamps upright; again, calculating the angle of vision of that raven which belongs to the left front, and which is looking at a mysterious point inside the church, where is concealed the philosopher's stone, if it be not in the cellar of Nicolas Flamel.
The whole country around within the angle of vision was lit up till it seemed to glow.
You can rotate the phone and get a different view depending on your angle of vision.
The book's acute angle of vision brilliantly uncovers Augustine's Manichaean cast of mind even after he became Catholic, but it also flirts with reductionism and loses some perspective on the historical Augustine.
Use the computer's mouse tochange the line of sight and angle of vision.
78; the ratio between the horizontal and vertical angle of vision of a motionless human eye is 1.
The book offers insights and ideas for adjusting your angle of vision so you open the door to happiness and success.
I will say that "Copperhead" approaches the Civil War from an angle of vision unusual in American popular culture, and even there it might surprise you.
The child" is simultaneously a subject and an interpretive angle of vision on biblical texts.
A novel angle of vision will shed new light: the art created by her great-aunt, Julia Margaret Cameron.