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Angriness makes his owner failure and discloses his faults.
Angriness is a factor for crime and the other social guilt that follow society to adversity.
Indeed, if you follow to angriness, invite you to the end of ruin.
And these enmities, is a reason for individual's angriness and their breakaway, by himself.
Sheikh, his wife and his daughters, while the bench expressed angriness over appearing of Rashid Ahmad Rizvi on behalf of the accused and said that the lawyers should not support criminals.
In their separate messages, President and Prime Minister said during this month Quran was revealed, which is fountainhead of directions for the whole humanity, adding, fasters avoid from such acts, which invite Allah angriness.
Nawaz had already said that he had no personal enmity and angriness with Zardari but wanted only the promises made with the nation fulfilled, he said.