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The shoulder and arm he touched seemed unnaturally stiff and angular.
The thousand roofs, dense, angular, clinging to each other, composed, nearly all, of the same geometrical element, offered, when viewed from above, the aspect of a crystallization of the same substance.
That angular shadow up yonder was the bait, and we were the hunters.
I have heard the great orators of many countries, but not even Gladstone himself could have pleased a cause with most consummate power than did this angular Negro, standing in a nimbus of sunshine, surrounded by the men who once fought to keep his race in bondage.
In his spare build and thin, though healthy, cheeks, she saw tokens of an angular and acrid soul.
His niece instinctively liked his thin angular body, and the big head with its sweeping features, and the acute, innocent eyes.
The lips were slightly parted, the deep eyes were brimming with laughter, the pose was full of grace, even though the girl's figure was angular.
The old servant was worn and wasted; her gown hung loose on her angular body; the big bones of her face stood out, more prominently than ever.
For one was alive and the other moved by means of machinery; one was tall and angular and the other short and round.
Then the aged stranger, who had not uttered one word since his arrival, arose from his seat and deliberately laid off his outer clothing, looking as angular in his flannels as the late Signorina Festorazzi, an Irish woman, six feet in height, and weighing fifty- six pounds, who used to exhibit herself in her chemise to the people of San Francisco.
She was unquestionably handsome; but her beauty was of the somewhat hard and angular type which is so often seen in English women of her race: the nose and chin too prominent and too firmly shaped; the well-opened gray eyes full of spirit and dignity, but wanting in tenderness and mobility of expression.
For myself, I will simply say that it is defective, because it assumes that the angular diameter of the moon has been completely determined, which is not the case.