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We probably rehearsed five to six times before combining twice with the Anima Singers in Glen Ellyn.
El Liber novus de anima rationali (LNAR) (6) es la obra luliana que hace tributo a esta tradicion, y aunque no es la unica obra que permite reconstruir la concepcion del alma segun Llull, solamente esta obra intenta circunscribir su dominio al de los topicos y conceptos de una tradicion aristotelico-cristiana (7).
While wishing Orlando, she confesses to have little strength, "The little strength that I have, I would it were with you" (I/ii, 180), which is yet another indication of the fact that her anima is inflated.
Anima also is using the dual-track approach on the smallscreen.
As Taylor observes, "Averroes thought the most compelling issue addressed by his commentary on the be anima was that of the nature and status of the material intellect" (p.
Based on the world of dreams, Anima explores the distorted dynamics between the conscious and subconscious, revealing the conflict and harmony within us all, disturbing, humorous, poetic and moving.
It's a performance that is by turns deeply disturbing, humorous and moving, as Anima takes the audience on a surreal, thought-provoking journey.
Melanchthon's interpretation of De anima is considered in the Neoplatonic tradition, for which reason Salatowsky inserts an excursus on Simplicius.
The winner of the Prize of the Audience of Anima 2007 for best long play film in the International Competition is ''Paprika'' by Satoshi Kon,'' the organizer announced to a packed hall of animated film fans.
Chapters address ethical skill-training, biblical understanding of the human soul, balancing anima, animus, and spiritus, the limits of intuition in a world of reason and authority, and much more.
Cavalieri's fame rests primarily on his Rappresentatione di anima e di corpo, the first opera to be produced (February 1600) and published (September 1600), and which over the years has proven to be far more popular with performers than Peri's Euridice (October 1600), long considered to be the first drama sung throughout.
Attracting investors to a given Mediterranean partner region is the subject of a seminar to be held from December 1 to 3 in Rabat (Morocco) as part of the ANIMA regional programme.