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TO ANIMADVERT UPON Carter's professed Niebuhrianism, the historian Arthur Schlesinger compared Niebuhr's beliefs to Carter's acts and pointed out, in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, that the two didn't match.
to animadvert on any thing directed by the Surveyor General but this being a private journal an opinion can be given without risk of my incurring censure from any--had we yesterday sighted the river we might have had confidence in the direction we have been this day keeping--as it is we are completely like men groping in the dark and are fearful wandering about losing time to no purpose.
Blackstone noted that such violations could lead to war, and that "where the individuals of any state violate this general law, it is then the interest as well as duty of the government under which they live to animadvert upon them with a becoming severity.
all political questions, and to examine and animadvert upon all political institutions.