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It was the resurrection of ancient animosities, he said.
Vasari was obviously wrong about many things, and may have distorted others; his unusually harsh criticism of Pontormo is certainly curious, but a question remains as to what extent Vasari is expressing deeply-felt convictions or true animosities, and to what extent he deliberately and cynically slandered his rivals in order to solidify his professional position.
Whether Stanley Crouch was right to insist that "Race is over" depends not just on the economy but on leadership that responds to voters who look past both racial animosities and pieties.
Justice Kennedy wrote that "reciprocal sale privileges risks generating the trade rivalries and animosities, the alliances and exclusivity, that the Constitution and, in particular, the Commerce Clause were designed to avoid.
MANILA -- Former senator and now rehabilitation czar Panfilo Lacson said he is now "setting aside for good" whatever animosities he had with cancer-stricken Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago.
Noting that the Iranian people have no doubt about the United States' animosity towards their country, Jalali stressed that Iranians stand against the United States' animosities and will not allow Washington to interfere in their country's internal affairs.
We need to learn to work together and put our personal animosities aside.
Animosities in Marlowe's play anticipate criticism of the Jacobean Bedchamber in part because Marlowe was responding to libels provoked by innovations in the chamber politics of the French king Henri III that also anticipate Jacobean practice.
With cold war animosities gone, agreement could be reached more often than not.