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Annal said: "I am very familiar with the pipe business in Hartlepool and am really looking forward to working with the team there to make it a pivotal part of an exciting new global business.
The same expression (issuris, "like a bird") appears in Sennacherib's annals (D.
Yorke also suggests that the long entry for 755 --the Cynewulf and Sigebert episode--was composed by the author of the annal for 855 and was intended to reflect views on good and bad leadership.
He builds constructively on chroniclers' treatment of the unfortunate Alderman Malpas, makes some useful juxtapositions, highlights parallel passages, and identifies the self-conscious construction in the barest of annals.
starting annal 993, 998, 999, 1001, 1003, 1006, 1009, 1010.
The insertion of substances into anus to induce stooling can degenerate to annal fistula, haemorrhoid and cancer of the anus.
Dave Annal, of The Family Records Centre, says: "This will be of great interest to family historians and to anyone wanting to know more about how their ancestors lived.
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These 'simple forms' of historical narrative would include the eyewitness testimony, the reminiscence, the annal, and its more complex form, the chronicle.
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What distinguishes Yoknapatawpha from Lafayette County is its purposefulness, its dedication to "the doomed and glorious frenzy of a love-story" which arises, abstracted and distilled from "the record and annal of your native land proffered for your perusal in ring by concentric ring like the ripples on living water above the dreamless slumber of your past.