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Nay, what does history yet record of the metaphysical annals of man.
Broader and deeper we must write our annals,--from an ethical reformation, from an influx of the ever new, ever sanative conscience,--if we would trulier express our central and wide- related nature, instead of this old chronology of selfishness and pride to which we have too long lent our eyes.
No cleaner job had ever been carried out in the bloodstained annals of the society.
Annals disputed Minister of Health Tony Ryall's figures for new health spending, saying they did not add up with independent analysts' figures.
Annals is the official journal of the American College of Physicians (ACP).
Annals stressed these were not local issues, confined to local DHBs.
The Annals of Emergency Medicine is the peer-reviewed journal of the American College of Emergency Physicians, a national medical specialty organization representing more than 17,000 physicians who specialize in emergency medicine.
held view that the corresponding Latin material in the Annals of St Neot's and the
PHILADELPHIA -- According to a new study published in Annals of Internal Medicine, physicians should treat smoking as a chronic disease if they want to help their patients quit successfully.
Instead of a plan we have the commercial decisions of individual education providers generating a national nursing 'output' each year that is simply whatever it turns out to be," Annals said.
This new practice guideline appears on the Annals of Internal Medicine Web site at www.
At his regular quarterly meeting with NZNO chief executive Geoff Annals in June, Woods said he wanted to discuss PHC nursing at the next meeting.

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