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The protocol's specific goal is to reduce combined emissions among Annex I countries by approximately 5% from 1990 levels by a 2008-2012 time frame.
Rob Ward, Annex Products' Co-Founder, commented, "We were approached by several potential partners to help us expand our reach.
Contact: Taryn Floodman The Learning Annex Office: 212-302-4169 Cell: 619-855-1277 TarynF@LearningAnnex.
In 1934, the building was expanded with the creation of the Annex that stretches to Ninth Avenue.
In October, city planners filed forms to annex 1,885 acres in Soledad Canyon.
The Learning Annex was founded by Bill Zanker 28 years ago in his NYC studio apartment with $5000.
The Annex provides coordination of Federal safety and health assets for all potential hazards; ensures availability and management of all safety resources needed by responders; shares responder safety information; and coordinates among Federal agencies, State, local, and tribal governments, and private-sector organizations involved in responses to nationally significant events.
The new section of NSF/ANSI Standard 61 - Annex G - Weighted Average Lead Content Evaluation Procedure to a 0.
Just in case you missed the million dollar advertising campaign that has recently blitzed the Chicagoland area, limited tickets are still available by calling The Learning Annex at 1-800-US-ANNEX or on the web at LearningAnnex.
The Learning Annex holds more than 8,000 events every year, so we have an endless supply of great topics and programming to extend to mobile phone users who are on-the-go," said Bill Zanker Learning Annex CEO.
Buffett (#2 on Forbes list of richest Americans) and invite him to teach at the next Learning Annex Real Estate and Wealth Expo.
SANTA CLARITA - Mexico-based Cemex is opposing the city's plan to change the zoning and annex the Soledad Canyon land, where the company intends to mine 56.