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This reflects the level of Council Tax that would be due on a property and annexe if it were banded as 1 property.
The ground floor annexe has a lounge/fitted kitchen area and bedroom, while a separate annexe has a fitted kitchen/lounge/bedroom area and shower room.
Boschi conceived the complex of annexe, gardens and cloisters as a single articulated entity: and in converting it into a coherent museum, his hand has been light and his interventions modest.
Since the annexes and minutes constitute an integral part of the agreement, they too will be analyzed in some detail.
The Trade Association is expected to introduce a suite of specification annexes including the next generation signaling rate to members this summer.
VAL VERDE -- If Santa Clarita ever annexes Castaic, the quiet town of Val Verde in the canyons west of the community could be the odd man out.
Quantity ordered summer tires is presented in Annexes 1a-1d number hereto;c) The Purchaser requires that the summer tires for cars, vans, SUVs and motorcycles indicated in Annex 1a, 1b, 1c and 1d to the Terms of Reference to meet the requirements described below - Tires listed in Annex 1a and 1b must meet the requirements put them to the UNECE Regulation No.