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It's drag and drop functionality, lets the user browse any textual document and easily annotate it with concepts from available ontologies.
Each time Annotate visits the content provider's site to pull a relevant article, that publisher gets page views.
Based on our previous success using this proprietary technology to annotate 89% of the publicly available human genome, we expect that the information from these newly annotated proteins will facilitate Incyte's new therapeutic discovery and development initiative.
By extending the "bricks-and-mortar" library institution to the online community, netLibrary's platform offers a whole new world of information resources to library patrons including twenty-four-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week access to electronic information, advanced search capabilities, and the ability to highlight, bookmark, and annotate information.
The bibliography begins with books that list and annotate topically selected best education books, such as "American Education: A Guide to Information Sources" by Richard C.