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The moment the camera dwells on an object, it introduces a definite article into its annotative flow, and, with that, triggers an emblematization, the process by which an "a" yields to a "the.
Its product portfolio contains, notably, the Zeus trading system, a proprietary stock market trading engine, and Ghostwriter Notes, an annotative electronic notepad for the iPad platform.
Instead of being illustrative or annotative, the poems unpack and amplify the themes embedded in the photographs.
0 technology, we must remember, is the separation of form and content; in the library world, this has led to an inexorable rise in the abstract and annotative.
Step-by-step instructions and drawings illustrate how to add hatch lines, modify multileader lines, draw an arc, create new layers, assign multiple annotative scales, and insert a block.
Most "new" decks are either annotative insofar as they maintain the general Rider-Waite appearance and aesthetic, or discursive insofar as they maintain that deck's structure and general associations but also integrate one or more literary works, mythologies, and/or cultures (Auger 2002, 2004).