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It is difficult to make complete sense of all this, but it would appear that the annotator first marked passages with a letter, and then subsequently added the notes; the annotations without letters are all towards the end of the text.
The Customer Loyalty annotator addresses a corporation's requirements for monitoring and responding to the voice of its most important asset: its customers.
StudioSketch is a two-input, multi-function video annotator that offers live sketching over moving or still video, or on a white board background.
OTTAWA, May 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- DataJungle Software (BULLETIN BOARD: DJSW) , a company providing flexible front end applications and collaboration solutions for leading business intelligence (BI) infrastructures, today announced the availability of Annotator 2.
In Annotator, the source document -- a legal contract, for example -- is used as the basis for annotation, allowing reviewers to record their comments as a soundtrack while adding graphic notations to illustrate their comments.
Annotator enables a user to record and synchronize voice and actions for document review, providing a new paperless way to edit images and documents online.
Another annotator for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, John Mangum, described it as "48 minutes of tragedy, despair, terror and violence, and two minutes of triumph.
Xodo is the ultimate cross-platform PDF viewer and annotator.
Afterwards, each of the remaining documents was annotated by two independent annotators, while a third annotator resolved the disagreements.
Each pathologist served as annotator in one-third of the cases and as reader in the remaining two-thirds of the cases.
The 1st Circuit claimed that the script's annotator served more as a fact-checker than as legal counsel, that the filmmakers never intended to keep the script confidential and that the actual malice issue should be re-examined if documents are disclosed.
Christian Scheidegger is the editor and annotator of this writing, never before published, from the Swiss Anabaptists.