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The performance on the three mentioned classes is also limited by the annotation quality; these classes are in fact the ones on which human annotators agreed the least (cf.
Throughout marginalia we find annotations directed specifically to a "reader," as well as numerous addresses to a "you," which the annotator must imagine to be some future reader, be it one specific individual or a more generalized auditor/lector.
OntoGloss is an annotator used in annotating documents using concepts in the ontology.
And note that, especially in the case of the Aristotle university texts, and most of the surviving legal and biblical "core" texts, the decision of the annotator to intervene in the "space" between text and later reader is not simply whimsical, or even volitional: it is a requirement that the current holder of the book "write" in that inviting space.
Modern annotators of medieval texts are characterized by 'interpretive reticence', and (with the admirable exception of Skeat) conceive their task as wholly separate from the making of text-editorial choices.
Even though this series is not a team effort, there needs be a feeling on the part of the user of the series that the various annotators have approached their tasks knowing that they are aware of what the other annotators are doing.
IOP Publishing chose Luxid[R] not only due to its industrial strength and high quality annotation capabilities, but also because they required the ability to customise the enrichment tool to create their own domain-specific annotators, what we call Skill Cartridges[R]", said Peter Camilleri, Director - Publishing Solutions, TEMIS.
Annotators Barry Lee Pearson and Jeff Place should share an Edgar Award for unraveling the origins of many of JacksonAAEs tunes.
Irene Caiazzo's essay looks at the reading practices of a number of famous annotators.
On the influence of Boston's Philip Hale, he writes, "To be hailed by Hale into BSO annals was to be incorporated by other annotators and professional music appreciationists ever after into the composer pantheon" (p.
Once these documents are processed, rich metadata can be automatically discovered using UIMA annotators from Clearforest and iPhrase.
The Genius of Miles Davis draws together more than a decade of studio archival research by jazz scholars, annotators, and reissue producers.