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He has observed it even between forms so closely related (as Matthiola annua and glabra) that many botanists rank them only as varieties.
Joe H Makin Centre - 8pm, PS10/PS5 Writer Paul Moore's new play is directed by Paula Simms and is being staged by AnNua at the Joe H Makin Centre off Hope Place until Saturday.
Holley Group has invested large amounts of capital in China to promote the integration of artemisinin resources and has devoted major efforts to developing antibiotic combinations of Artemisia annua L, all of which reflect Holley's corporate mission of "Promoting Community Well-being and Fulfilling the Value of Life".
FILL gaps in the flower borders with quick-growing hardy annua ls such as calendulas, clarkia and godetia that can be sown directly into the soil.
Shares in the group lifted 2% or 3p to 127p after it said its core recruitment division had delivered an eeexcellent' annua
By the end of 2004, Toyota Deeside is expecting to build about 430,000 engines annua
He knows Riviera's breezes and eucalypti and poa annua like the back of his glove.
Although called lunaria annua, it's actually a biennial, germinating one year and flowering the next before dying.
Tenders are invited for Annua L Comprehensive Maintenance Of 10 Kva Ups in connection with Maintanance of electrical installation And Fans Dg Set Sub Stn At Old And New Gpo Bldg Nh Iv Faridabad.
The microscope is used to look at trichomes on the surface of Artemisia annua leaves.
It would be tough to top Green Hill's Poa annua greens, especially considering Green Hill could be the busiest golf course in the area, hosting 38,000 rounds last year.
COVENTRY fashion students o City College introduced an eco fashion twist into their annua fashion.