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In March 2015, the IHC has also dismissed Qadri's appeal against his death sentence but accepted his appeal of ordering the removal of terrorism charges from his case, annulling the sentence under the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA).
Since tourism industry is one of the money-making industries in the world, Georgia is boycotting itself by annulling the visa deal with Iran," Boroujerdi said on Wednesday.
The MPs also called for annulling the verdicts issued against civilians in military courts or pardoning them.
On Kris' filing for an annulment on grounds Kim defrauded him, Kim has revealed to her close friends that the two of them had actually discussed annulling the marriage before she filed for divorce, but they were advised that there were no legitimate grounds for an annulment.
Muallem laid on Ban Ki-moon the responsibility for the collapse of Lebanon's stability if he fails to take measures towards annulling the tribunal and undermining the credibility of General Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare.
Syria Aims at Annulling Hariri's Special Tribunal for Lebanon
The latest decision on annulling the obligatory Macedonian language for Albanian first graders is only the last part of the series of annulled laws for the subject of religion, the external testing and the city's building plan.
Experts say that in order to narrow the space for abuse in tender procedures, there should be sanctions stipulated by the public procurement law, that is to say, the conditions for annulling procedures should be more closely defined and a legal obligation should be introduced for explaining why a bid has been turned down so that bidders may be reassured that the best choice has been made.
The nationalists have slammed the Court for not annulling all votes cast in Turkey, which would mean that seven DPS MPs would have lost their seats.
On this occasion Justice Nasir-Ul-Mulk enquired as to whether annulling the previous decision of Supreme Court would make Mian Nawaz Sharif eligible, to which the deputy AG Agha Tariq replied in affirmative.