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5 million passengers per annum and its maximum structural capacity of 90-100 million passengers per annum is likely to be achieved by FY 2022, assuming a growth rate of 10 per cent.
The projects include: PS281,000 for Hywel Dda Uni-versity Health Board, which will allow the upgrading of all medical infusion pumps, with expected savings of PS228,000 per annum.
5 per cent per annum and South India contributes a significant 40 per cent of its total sales annually.
Similarly, a large spread of more than $1,800 per sq ft per annum exists between New York and third-ranked Paris ($1,220 per sq ft per annum).
6% per annum, which provides a premium to the yield curve of Nomos-bank of about 120 b.
Service fees for 2012: Dh13 per square foot per annum / Dh26,572 for a two-bedroom apartment (2,044 square feet)
1% per annum, reaching 176 BCM/year in 2015 and nearly 227 BCM/year in 2035.
The decision follows a 600 million yen facility upgrade completed in August 2006, which raised prodution to 30,000 units per annum, and will enable Sumitomo to achieve a productive output of 240,000 railway units per annum.
6 per cent per annum in the fourth quarter of 2006, falling back to 2 per cent per annum by the end of 2007.
Extra Cash Earned: Potential to earn an extra pounds 208 per annum (Gross interest)
That is not the first, but it will certainly be the last time I will ever pay a penalty charge notice to Liverpool council, because I will not be visiting the city centre ever again, and in the process Marks & Spencer will lose my custom to the approximate amount of pounds 10 per week, pounds 520 per annum.
She stated that pension funds have lost pounds 5 billion per annum as a result; this figure, while widely quoted, is not actually correct.