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It always partakes of the reality which it renders intelligible; and while it annunciates the whole, abides itself as a living part of that unity of which it is representative.
The duende is a wind that breathes through the empty arches over the heads of the dead; it is the wing of a wounded hawk that floats through the crushed grass and flares out of the swollen side-walks; it is a dream that mocks the bloody mockingbird and flees through the empty subway tunnels and soars out of the broken chest of bridges; it is a joy that burns and a suffering that scalds, like hot ice; it is a cry that rises out of the human body and annunciates "the constant baptism of newly created things.
The first line of this section annunciates the theme: "Here is silence, it is everywhere" (LS 161), which then serves as an introduction, paradoxically, not to blank pages but to ones filled with poetry.
The control offers digital LCD readouts of the machine's vital functions, and it annunciates all alarms.
MMAD monitors more than 2500 points and annunciates and displays faults in a central control room where the fault is initially addressed.