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What follows is a month-by-month account of the annus horribilis that was.
Note that the transliteration in Annus 2001: 32 is wrong.
19) Centesimus Annus explains that in order to achieve a just wage, two things are required: "continuous effort to improve workers' training and capability so that their work will be more skilled and productive," and "careful controls and adequate legislative measures to block shameful forms of exploitation," especially of the most vulnerable.
For holders of Class A shares, whose shares increased in value by more than 13 percent as soon as the new directors were announced, this could be the annus mirabilis--the year of miracles.
There are essays discussing: Betjeman and the conservation battle; the poet's annus horribilis (1960); Betjeman and modern architecture; Sir John's passion for railways; Betjeman and John Piper; the poet's work in the filming of the Metro-Land programme for the BBC; and the friendship of Betjeman with Piper and Sir Ninian Comper.
To quote an old queen, "It's been an annus horribilis.
Pea's Moscardino, published in modernism's annus mirabilis of 1922, is a far more daringly experimental work.
ANNUS MIRABIMS: 1905, Albert Einstein, and the Theory of Relativity MARY GRIBBIN AND JOHN GRIBBIN
Physicists are currently celebrating--if physicists actually celebrate--the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein's annus mirabilis, or miracle year, in which he wrote three of his earliest and most important works.
Always going easily, the Lady Herries-trained colt cruised into the lead under Kevin Darley with three of the eight furlongs left to travel and running on strongly landed the Group One prize by 12 lengths from Annus Mirabilis with Juyush a length and a half back in third.
The exhibit, running through May 29, marks the centennial of Albert Einstein's annus mirabilis - the ``miracle year'' of 1905 in which at age 26 he published four landmark findings, including his Special Theory of Relativity and the well-known equation E = mc2.
This has been something of an annus Cookabilis (his Graz Kunsthaus, AR March 2004, is shortlisted for the Stirling Prize), and you got the sense that he was thoroughly enjoying his moment as head boy in Venice, under the auspices of the British Council (cheerily celebrating its 70th anniversary).