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In January, Anodyne was notified that it was one of 548 companies to receive the Boeing Performance Excellence Award which rewards performance excellence.
com/user/seagaia) created a profile on the social-news site Reddit to communicate with fans about the idea behind Anodyne, and how the business model has worked so far.
And who'd have honestly thought the previously pleasant, nice but anodyne Gary Barlow could achieve the impossible and stop us all from missing Simon Cowell?
Chris Harrison highlights success, questions the anodyne, and analyses the failure of Africa's latest marketing campaigns.
The drive is anodyne and I wasn't allowed to take it on the hill course, so I assume it struggles with corners.
Anodyne, the blonde anchorwoman Repeats the words prepared for her
Comprising roughly 180 pieces, "Surreal Objects: Three-Dimensional Works from Dali to Man Ray" features Man Ray's literally rebarbative Gift, 1920/1961, and Dali's more anodyne lobster-handled Aphrodisiac Telephone, 1936.
Often the results can be anodyne pastiche or the schlock of the new.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Army took immediate steps to squelch the work, giving the anodyne comment that "some of the RAND findings were determined to be outside the purview of the Army.
IT was never going to be an anodyne affair at Kirklands when the division's two best teams came head to head on Saturday.
Aside from aping Stevie Wonder aplenty and a spectacular doppelganger of Eric Clapton's Change the World, Morrison gives an anodyne start to what could prove an interesting career.
The English title mistakenly emphasizes a homogeneous entity ("Europe") in reference to an anachronistically loaded term ("home"), an imprecise concept ("family"), and an anodyne topical identification ("material culture").