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ministers), and like unfailing witnesses and anointers (i.
286-287): "I have shown you who and what my uncle Yeshu really was, and what the infidel Anointers have turned him into in the ninety-one years since his death" (the long quote below explains the use of "Anointers" instead of "Christians").
It was for that reason that the derogatory term, Anointers [Greek: Khristianoi], was first applied to Saul's infidel followers at Antioch.
Similarly, La colonna infame, the work that accompanied the 1842 edition of I promessi sposi (a damning account of the shoddy administration of justice in Lombardy under Spanish rule) is said to be "a historical tract" dealing with "the trial of the anointers, the men whom the populace believed involved in a conspiracy to poison Milan with the plague" (4).
Besides reporting popular reactions to the contagion, the memoir chronicles the central drama of Alessandro Manzoni's version of the epidemic in I Promessi sposi: the popular belief that untori, or plague anointers, were responsible for spreading the disease by means of unguents which they wiped on houses, city walls, and church pews.