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How to TAP into the Glory of God" is scripture based, relevant, and packed with principles for accessing the Holy Spirit's presence and anointing.
When Barrett performs an anointing of the sick on a person in a sickbed, they pray together and Barrett offers the opportunity for general absolution.
Even the anointing story in John's gospel (John 1 2: 1-8) is tainted by the story in Luke.
As instructed by the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine, Department of Ayurveda, Sinhala New Year Auspicious Times Committee and astrologers, oil anointing was done by facing the South with Bo leaves on the head and Kohomba, leaves for the feet and attired in blue color.
A concluding "Bonus" section contains instruction designed to help the reader release the Holy Spirit's anointing power to give them "Power for Living.
The NRB reaffirmed its commitment to political activism at the Nashville convention, anointing Frank Wright of the Center For Christian Statesmanship as its new president.
All who understand the Christian faith know that such an anointing signifies that the person has been chosen for a particular role and will be helped by God to fulfil it,' he said.
There is sufficient textual evidence for the Church to allow anointing by those not ordained, should it choose to do so.
In ancient times oil was used for many purposes, among which anointing with oil was a healing practice.
THE largest mass anointing England has ever seen will take place in the Coventry Cathedral ruins tonight following the final appearance by preacher JJohn.
They probably deserve the anointing more than most.