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She anoints his feet, pouring out her love and thanks on the one who has raised her brother from the dead.
The fifteen verbs were: anoint, chafe, chivvy, ensconce, gyrate, haemorrhage, hobnob, implore, jolt, josh, moonlight, subpoena, tailgate, trounce and yonk.
The waters get even muddier when this unnamed sinner gets lumped in with another Mary--Mary of Bethany, Martha and Lazarus' sister--who also anoints Jesus' feet and wipes them with her hair, as described in Chapter 12 of John's gospel.
Moved by the grieving mother's suffering, Huma Rojo anoints Manuela as her personal assistant, and it is not long before she has taken over the role of Stella.
Cynically speaking, the dance world always subliminally demands and then apparently anoints a current "hottest young choreographer.
The echoing image suggests that when the woman here anoints with oil, she fulfills an apostolic role.
1), thereby implying the agency of a third party, the one who anoints.
The report, titled "Return of the Goldbugs," identifies conditions contributing to gold's rise, anoints GATA Chairman Bill Murphy "king of the goldbugs," and lays out in some detail GATA's contention that the gold price is being suppressed by collusion between central banks and financial institutions.
In John 12:1-8 Jesus is moving ever closer to the cross: six days before the Passover, and Mary anoints his feet as if Jesus were already dead.
4) Cardinal Roger Mahony, archbishop of Los Angeles, anoints the altar with oil during the dedication Monday of the new Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels downtown.
African tradition meets postmodern artist with a bang as Wilson, dressed in black lace, anoints his congregants under pulsing strobe lights and pumped-up music, heavy on the bass.
In Matthew, John and Mark, a female disciple anoints Jesus' head with oil before his passion, just as the people of Judah anointed King David.