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Direct coronary angiography confirmed the anomalous origin.
Lorin et al, published two cases of stenting in an anomalous RCA by use of a 6F Judkins left 5.
However, when a patient who has an anomalous left vertebral artery (i.
The signal from the anomalous pulmonary vein was a continuous venous signal, the direction of flow being away from the heart.
Spal, Characterization of 9Cr-1MoVNb steel by anomalous small angle x-ray scattering, Acta Metallurg.
The La Gloria area was noted by Megaw in his initial report and follow up prospecting and soil sampling has returned highly anomalous gold values.
There they hit a magnetic shock wave that energizes them and forms the anomalous cosmic rays, some of which head toward Earth.
Their efforts focused on the measurement of highly anomalous amounts of radon, as well as other products of radioactive decay, that were found to be concentrated in the waters of Screech Lake and surrounding area.
OPW-9 drilled under the historic open pit to a core length of 82m contained anomalous gold values and copper mineralization between 15m and 82m including 1.
The claims cover 26 stream sediment gold anomalies, 10 stream sediment gold anomalies are strongly anomalous in gold, with values of 185 to 765 ppb gold.
The target area of 17 x 3 km has been outlined by previous stream sediment sampling, which returned strongly anomalous grades of 0.
Numerous areas of anomalous radioactivity were noted within an approximate 100 metre section of the Late Cretaceous Yacoraite Formation (sandy limestone, calcarious sandstone, thin bedded siltstone and mudstone).