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Bakhtin's observations are found in Art and Answerability (University of Texas, 1990), edited by Michael Holquist and Vadim Liapunov and translated by Liapunov.
Notwithstanding this foundational collective dimension, constitutional practice focuses on the day-to-day responsibility and answerability of ministers individually to Parliament for their own actions and those of their officials.
In a poem primarily about order and the fraught imperatives entailed by rank or design, "Felise" deranges presumptions about correspondence and answerability at several levels at once--theological, sexual, and poetic.
Williams grounds his theological reading of Dostoevsky's work in Bakhtin's theories of language, dialogue, polyphony, and answerability.
This would mean that the industry shall use the facilities of AIIMS to its leverage, without having to invest a single penny and without having any answerability or responsibility towards the health needs of people," the PMSF said.
He had been highly critical of the WDA's lack of answerability over a couple of decades.
The promise of reform which the Green Paper heralds holds much for the public and Service alike; local policing, customized to local need with authentic answerability, strengthened accountabilities at force level through reforms to police authorities and HMIC, performance management at the service of localities with targets and plans tailored to local needs, the end of centrally engineered one size fits all initiatives, an intelligent approach to cutting red tape through redesign of processes and cultures, a renewed emphasis on strategic development so as to better equip our service to meet the amorphous challenges of managing cross force harms, risks and opportunities.
It is what we lack in the Arab world, where young and old people die without any public answerability of the culprit, who is rather rewarded; he keeps on practicing his profession as if he had made no mistake worthy of suspending him.
While those who claim dominance are spending hundreds of thousands of US dollars from public fund on their own personal interests without answerability, simply because the GoSS belongs to them
Schedler writes, "Accountability as answerability aims at creating transparency.
It is one thing to think that we are answerable to those who are affected by our actions, and another to think that the need for such answerability will itself set the terms for what can count as a satisfactory answer.
Bernard O'Donoghue remarks: 'Throughout his work, concern for social responsibility and answerability occurs side by side with assertions of the artistic freedom of the individual'.