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Working collaboratively, rather than antagonistically, opens opportunities to produce real results.
In the hormone-balance model, ABA and GA simultaneously and antagonistically regulate the onset, maintenance and termination of dormancy.
NR0B1 (DAX1) is known for its "antitestis" function; it acts antagonistically to SRY, WT1, and SF1 and hence inhibits AMH (anti-Mullerian hormone) production.
This article sought to suggest that the differences between the three documents under review are not to be seen antagonistically as mutually incompatible claims, but rather as distinct accents that can complement each other.
The SymRK dependent transcriptomes in response to symbiotic or pathogenic signals and to the invasion will be elucidated to get clues about the gene network downstream of SymRK controlling synergistically or antagonistically these interactions.
The decrease in LER associated with an increase in LSR shows that the leaf growth and senescence events occurred simultaneously and antagonistically, and that an environment more favorable to harvesting was already present at the intermediate stage of regrowth, regardless of the pre-grazing height.
Liz Tomlin attests to this division, suggesting that it requires young theatre-makers to "categorize themselves, for strategic development purposes, as either playwrights or non-text-based artists, reducing the potential for productive cross-pollination" (Tomlin 58), while a pair of reports commissioned to investigate the state of new writing in 2009 antagonistically frame new work as a challenge or threat to writers (British Theatre Consortium; Dunton; Nelson & Shand).
While textual elements position non-dominant cultural identities antagonistically with respect to 'Australia', repetition across segments rearticulates the hegemonic formation.
In the second essay, Raymond William Baker criticizes the Bush administration's desire to "remake the Middle East along democratic lines," which sets the stage for Westerners to antagonistically review the Islamic path to democracy.
One cannot overlook that, at the same time in which there is a planetarization of science, technique, industry, capitalist economy, cultures and habits, there is also the planetarization of misery, of which some countries of the Globe participate--Africans, Asians and South-Americans --that are antagonistically relegated to unequal conditions, regarding participation, and submitted to the "leftovers".