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risk antagonizing so many of his colleagues by siding with business?
After all, if antagonizing the Saudis might lead to an economically devastating, large-scale withdrawal of funds from U.
Notably, he writes well and prudently avoids antagonizing others engaged in dealing with this very contentious subject.
Unlike Levin, Rangel didn't have to worry about antagonizing local unions.
We can get to the end quickly and without antagonizing or polarizing the situation and contaminating the whole transaction.
Targeted to litigators and in-house counsel, the online version of the publication includes: recent news developments, including decisions, large verdicts and settlements, new arguments, and complaints; stories and articles about new trends, strategies, precedents, rules and laws that impact litigation practice; and, articles to advise attorneys and in- house counsel on upgrading their practice with information on such topics as in-house client satisfaction surveys, opening remarks, gender issues in the courtroom, and how to avoid antagonizing the judge hearing the case.
Antagonizing the dissidents by making decisions without their input may have a secondary benefit of prompting them to practice some place else.
In Vietnam, we could never invade North Vietnam for fear of antagonizing China and the Soviet Union.
We've discovered a situation where they're not antagonizing each other's actions, they're actually working together," said Michael Cleary, MD, professor of pathology and of pediatrics and senior author of the paper published in the Oct.
When the dog wasn't antagonizing the birds, it wandered among the crowd, picking up an affectionate pat here and there.