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28) Not surprisingly, one man dominated the pictorial representations in the antechamber.
However, this antechamber to the Orient became an indispensable destination with the rediscovery of Andalusia and its rich Hispano-Moorish heritage.
Kotresh, who sensed something wrong, immediately dashed into his antechamber and escaped from the backdoor even before the police could fathom what had happened.
In southern shrine, there is a porch overlooking the courtyard, which is connected to antechamber from both sides, and also it joins courtyard with stone steps.
These impressions--these 'ghosts'--are printed with coloured patterns, kiln fired and then become elements of a series of wall-mounted installations created between 2010 and 2012 collectively entitled The Antechamber in which, finally, the grid comes to the fore.
They also insisted that everyone who attended their social functions sign the wall in the antechamber next to the powder room.
Different levels and colours competed with the very sensible and professional appearance of the reception desk at the entrance, and the brightly-lit bar seemed slightly at odds with a well-fitted-out sort of antechamber off the main room which wouldn't look out of place in a stately home.
One example, The Duke's Antechamber (1869), depicts a collection of people--servants, clergy and other hangers-on--positioned around the central figure of the duke.
Archaeologists had to dig their way past sphinxes, break through a wall guarded by two caryatids and empty out an antechamber decorated with a stunning mosaic to finally find the tomb's occupant.
An antechamber is filled with a kitschy decorated 1970s period interior, all family photos, objets d'art, and purple and gold decor.
The Culture Ministry said Monday that archaeologists have partially investigated the antechamber of the tomb at Amphipolis and uncovered a marble wall concealing one or more inner chambers.