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Jed Rasula, "The Empire's New Clothes: Anthologizing American Poetry in the 1990s," American Literary History 7:2 (Summer 1995): 265.
shows how the scholarly act of collecting, collaging, referencing, and anthologizing helped shape and define the modernist art movement.
Any of the Winesburg stories can be read and appreciated on its own (as the anthologizing of stories such as "Hands" and "Mother" proves), but the significance of the stories deepens when they are considered not only alongside of the other works in the collection, but in the particular order by which they have been arranged.
While the answer to Strecker's question was murky in 1982, when 'zines received no notice from the mainstream, today it is a resounding Yes, given the appearance of numerous books anthologizing or critiquing 'zines.
Indeed, along with the anthologizing efforts of Charlotte Brunet and others, Nadezda Obradovic's collection contributes to the unknown, potentially untapped creativity of the African continent, bringing together both familiar and hitherto unfamiliar names.