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Educating the Patient: Simple Steps to an Anti-inflammatory Diet
Once we saw that, I put her on daily vitamin D3 therapy and encouraged her to change her diet to an anti-inflammatory diet that is rich in vegetables of various different rainbow colors.
Solution: It makes sense to be on an anti-inflammatory diet and supplement after you undergo exposure to anything that burns, like radiation therapy.
The Anti-Inflammatory Diet is part of Weil's Twelve-Point Program for Healthy Aging (right) that encompasses nutrition, physical activity, proper rest, and stress avoidance, as well as the preservation of mental ability and acuity as we age.
He suggests an anti-inflammatory diet (water, lean protein, certain fruits, vegetables, and fats and no high-glycolic carbohydrates); targeted nutritional supplements with anti-inflammatory properties such as vitamin C and anti-inflammatory topical treatments.
That's why having an anti-inflammatory diet or taking supplements that have anti-inflammatory agents in them are important to keep in mind.
So, I usually encourage my patients to eat a well-balanced highly anti-inflammatory diet to get their nutrients safely and effectively without adversely affecting their treatment regimen.
They could lower their risk by taking anti-inflammatory nutritional supplements, such as Reduloxin, and by eating an anti-inflammatory diet.
Following an anti-inflammatory diet can help counteract the chronic inflammation that is a root cause of many serious diseases, including those that become more frequent as people age," said Dr.