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Since increasing numbers of our faculty were requesting SafeAssign (available to UMass faculty through the Blackboard learning management system), I decided I needed to try it out in my own teaching, find out how others were using it, and discover what research had been done into the accuracy of anti-plagiarism software.
Some universities are investing in anti-plagiarism software and services such as Turn-It-In to combat academic dishonesty.
The Plagiarism Advisory Service, serving Britain's universities and colleges and based at the University of Northumbria, now has anti-plagiarism software that can be used to identify when opinions have been lifted.
Given the ubiquitous nature of the Internet, student plagiarism is guaranteed; given the availability of anti-plagiarism software and sharp-eyed graders, it is likely to be detected.
When our universities are having to employ anti-plagiarism software, what chances have we got at GCSE?
Some universities have introduced anti-plagiarism software to weed out internet cheats, though many of the coursework sites boast that they can find a way around the checks.