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The mechanical use of cost-to-operating-income (cost/income) ratios as a standard for measuring the reasonableness of an effort to share costs in proportion to anticipated benefits.
The EITF discussions in 1991 and 1992, which centered around options and options techniques to hedge anticipated foreign-currency transactions (EITF issues 90-17 and 91-4), highlighted the inconsistencies between SFAS 52 and SFAS 80.
Hospital A's negotiation strategy fits anticipated interactive scenario 6; therefore, the appropriate interactive strategy for the physician executive remains the same as his initial strategy, P1 (firmly compete).
We are honored to receive these distinguished awards, especially the most anticipated game award for Stone Age 2, voted by game players," said Xiaowei Chen, Ph.
reiterates its anticipated net income in 2007 to be in a range between $55 million and $57 million and diluted earnings per share in 2007 to be between $2.
Cano anticipates beginning drilling of its initial waterflood pattern of up to 4 water injection wells and 7 producers in the Desdemona Field in the first calendar quarter of 2007, with water injection anticipated to commence in the second calendar quarter of 2007.
Best's opinion, ExCo's risk-adjusted capitalisation is good and will be supportive of the company's anticipated business volume in 2007.
A combined ratio of between 85%-90% (down from 136% in 2005) is anticipated despite an increase in AIL's expense ratio of approximately 10 percentage points (due mainly to increased reinsurance costs and policy acquisition ratios).
Further, the closing of the anticipated transaction is subject to the following further conditions for the benefit of USA Superior Energy Inc.
Total availability under the facility is anticipated to be $200 million, consisting of $100 million of revolving credit facilities and $100 million of Term Loan A credit facilities.
While Realty Income's acquisition of these properties is subject to a number of conditions, it is anticipated that the transaction will close in the fourth quarter.
Best believes ACI's overall earnings are likely to remain strong with a return on premium of between 10%-15% anticipated in 2006, despite a return to normal levels of anticipated tax payments by year-end and continued softening of market rates in the majority of ACI's core business segments.