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Focused logistics is part of an efficient logistic system established to provide anticipative and distribution based logistic support that will have to ensure: effective information management; adequate operative/" readiness" level of management; efficient and effective management of the supply--distribution chain; management of logistic capabilities in accordance with the existing logistic support requirements.
With a sad yet anticipative look on her face, Abdurrazaq waits to learn her "destiny" and what further steps to take, putting all her "hope on what will come after I follow what the old woman says.
SAN, May 26 (Saba)--Yemeni forces raided Al-Qaeda cells in downtown and on the outskirts of the capital San on Sunday, in an anticipative action coinciding with a continued offensive against AQAP fighters in southern and southeastern areas, a security source said.
Consequently, the attitude of domestic workers regarding the different types of migration policy is based on experiential rather than anticipative rationality.
585) the "specific anticipative understanding of the conditions of the uncertain future defies any rules and systematization .
In a practical sense, the indication of the anticipative capacity of stock returns of Brazilian firms in relation to their future earnings suggests for investors, financial analysts, firms and creditors that the stock return may represent a useful informational source in their assessment of a firm's capacity to generate earnings.
Analysing the EU accession I have made a distinction between the general democratization with an anticipative Europeanization and the specific democratization with an adaptive Europeanization.
In addition, organisations will be able to adapt in ways that are anticipative too, for positive reasons, such as exploiting expected opportunities in a market, as well as heading off problems that appear on the horizon.
4) Predictability is founded on an anticipative reasoning and supports the data offered by a series of "specific and reliable" instruments.
The construction of identity has a narrative structure that includes past events and new information resulting from negotiations between past and present experiences, anticipative predictions, dreams, and desires.
MEPs, however, rejected the amendment tabled by Belgian MEP Frederic Daerden (S&D) for an anticipative and sectoral approach, which would have a clear legal link with restructuring procedures.
Thus, the precaution has an anticipative characteristic, with openness to the future.