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with intense shearing, but that a second gold mineralised anticline is
There has been very limited historical drilling beneath the M1 pit and it has been too broad to fully define the high grade zone in the core of the anticline (see link below).
f], the studied anticline is plotted on the 2nd group of Keller & Pinter [9]; Wells et al.
In the Pinedale Anticline, the Company anticipates participating in 16 new wells to be drilled in 2012.
These Marmaton Group strata along both edges of the Warrensburg Sandstone dip about 25-30 degrees away from the sandstone body on both sides, giving the impression that the sandstone was deposited along the axis of an eroded anticline (Emerson, 1975; Beall, 1975; Emerson and Nold, 1981; Nold and Emerson, 1989).
A liquids gathering system (LGS), which the operators voluntarily proposed and are implementing on the Anticline, is a system of pipelines.
The Anticline facility is capable of processing up to 60,000 barrels per day (2.
Significant production increases were also realized from our interest in the Pinedale Anticline non-operated properties.
The Simrit anticline is a large scale east to west trending structure located on the northern part of the Ain Sifni PSC.
Similar to the first annual report published last summer, the new data suggest that the population of the pronghorn antelope herds remain strong throughout the Anticline at the current level of development.
as announced in its news release of August 22, 2006, was successful in defining what it believes are two large anticline structures on the Maverick Springs Prospect.
The dip meter data and drift while drilling suggest that the crest of the anticline is about half a mile to the southeast.