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Influence of thiamine and ascorbic acid supplementation on the antidotal efficacy of thiol chelators in experimental lead intoxication.
We will also discuss current antidotal, antimicrobial, and vaccination treatment strategies and address specific analytical issues, such as specimen handling and the use of laboratory testing for the diagnosis and management of victims exposed to chemical or biological agents.
Measurement of various chemical warfare agents, and perhaps their degradation products, in victims can be useful for triaging patients, confirming exposure, and identifying the particular substances involved and the possible treatments available, including antidotal therapy.
Alphabetical Monographs - 63 Chemical Agents, 27 Biological Agents, 50 Diagnostic Tests/Procedures, 65 Antidotal Agents, 11 Radiological Agents
When all first responders and emergency medical personnel understand how to diagnose cyanide toxicity and utilize suggested treatment protocols and preferred antidotal therapy, there is no question smoke inhalation deaths will substantially decline.
Digoxin is one of the few therapeutic drugs for which antidotal therapy is available (1).
Similar antidotal data appears to be occurring in the California markets of such as Carlsbad, Oceanside and Vista, but only at much higher prices in the $350,000-400,000 range.
Antidotal therapy is essential to reversing poisoning unless only mild exposure has occurred.
Another important practice issue is that clinical users of this analysis must be aware that digoxin should not be measured on samples obtained from patients having recently (<2 weeks) been placed on antidotal therapy (Fab fragments).
Antidotal studies have produced dramatic results with patients having a compromised immune system often associated with diabetics, cancer patients and other physiological deficiencies.
Assays used for acetaminophen testing should allow for accurate quantification as an aid in guiding antidotal therapy.
Yahya Fathi and Burcu Ozcam of NC State University to document the antidotal evidence that has long been circulated.