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The serum was retested with further dilutions to rule out antigen excess, and no antigen excess was detected.
The manufacturer assay protocol for total [kappa] did not include a prereaction step to detect antigen excess.
200 cutoff value for the prozone check effectively detected all samples in which antigen excess caused falsely low microalbuminuric or normal values.
We can recognize antigen excess by the appearance of two curved bands at the edges of an inner colorless zone indicating the excess antigen.
We used polyclonal free light chains to initially test for antigen excess and showed that the assay was robust.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the analytical performance of these Abbott Aeroset specific-protein assays and, in particular, their ability to correctly handle antigen excess frequently found in immunoglobulin estimations.
The Access Hybritech PSA assay did not demonstrate antigen excess up to 50 000 [micro]g/L PSA, and FPSA did not hook until >20 000 [micro]g/L.