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An expression in law and logic to indicate that two authorities, laws, or propositions are inconsistent with each other.

See: inconsistency, opposition, paradox

ANTINOMY. A term used in the civil law to signify the real or apparent contradiction between two laws or two decisions. Merl. Repert. h.t. Vide Conflict of Laws.

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Marcel, a Catholic writer, offers us the opportunity for spiritual and philosophical edification in our modern world, a fragile world which is all too easily broken by the existential antinomies and moral confusion which can afflict our lives.
Transcendental idealism is part of the response to Pyrrhonism, since it shows that the conflicts involved in the antinomies are actually illusory.
Their topics include imagism and modernist theories of language, his art criticism, the new psychologism, antinomies of original sin, and his feelings.
This return of naturalism, with its concomitant category of human nature, along with its more radical existential opposite, anti-essentialism or anti-foundationalism, constitutes for Jameson one of the antinomies of postmodern thought.
The below quasi-paradoxes and Sorites paradoxes are based on the antinomies: visible/invisible, determinist/indeterminist, stable/unstable, long time living/short time living, as well as on the fact that there is not a clear separation between these pairs of antinomies.
This may not be the whole story, but it is a workably precise and considerably weighty definition of romanticism as an anxious thinking through and enacting of the powers, limits, and stuttering antinomies of the newly central "mindedness" of our human form of life.
Hacking through apparent antinomies with his dialectical method, sublimating antitheses in ever higher synthesis, Losev ceaselessly negates previous terms and formulations, rendering his argument difficult to summarize except in the impenetrable formulas of his conclusion.
shows how dualistic Manichaeans credibly opposed the antinomies of Augustine's "monistic" views of God and the soul.
Such antinomies of dirt do confirm Heather Sullivan's point in the first epigraph above: thinking dirt is indeed challenging.
There are no any serious antinomies between the proposed system and the national law system, and we only have a problem of adaptation of secured transactions system to the existing legislation in Azerbaijan , Wohlers said.
Paradoxism is based on an excessive use of antitheses, antinomies, contradictions, paradoxes in creation paradoxes--both at the small level and the entire level of the work--making an interesting connection between mathematics, philosophy, and literature.
One of the cut-up source-texts is Yeats's play The Cat and the Moon, the existential antinomies of which, in their new context, assume the disorientating instability of the gestalt figure of the duckrabbit, rather than suggesting any possibility of unity of being.