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I described manipulation as an antipathetic behaviour.
They're the "descendants" as it were of those who were pushing for reform under Mubarak, opposed SCAF and then Morsi, and are now deeply antipathetic to the military backed interim government.
The current security threats in the north and the antipathetic responses by the state challenge assurances that the Yemeni government is on the right track.
The current, awful civil war in Syria is being fought, on the rebel side by a multiplicity of often diverse groups, at best uneasy allies, very often mutually antipathetic, enmeshed in a quicksand of changing allegiances.
Considering the efforts today to rehabilitate modernism as inherently worldly, political, and critical of European norms, it is significant that Said considered the social implications of modernism's ironic dissimulations to be antipathetic to anti-colonial thought.
By highlighting the gap between the fictive and the real through the inception of antipathetic emotion in the readers, this novel forces us to rethink the assumption that compassion for fictional characters is the only way to motivate awareness of and action in the real world.
He has become antipathetic towards associating with Chinese or being identified as Chinese, though he grew up in a Chinese immigrant family, was raised on Chinese cuisine, with all his relatives still in China, and all his parents' friends being Chinese.
Perry Anderson described "Ends and Histories," which contested the "end of history" judgment of Francis Fukayama and the US State Department, as "visionary" (127)--a sensibility, once again, antipathetic to insecurity.
As a public discourse it is antipathetic to familial and domestic values.
If among that cohort were those sympathetic to the military and supportive of war, surely there were also Quakers and other nonreligious pacifists antipathetic to both and for whom the message "God Bless the Troops" was a galling affront.
A public survey conducted by the Japanese Cabinet Office every year reveals that the percentage of those who are antipathetic to China is increasing rapidly.
This "contradictory environment of alien words" or the expectation of an antipathetic and adversarial response is manifest not "in the object" (of the reader him-/herself) but in the "consciousness of the listener with his apperceptive background, pregnant with responses and objections" (p.