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With regard to the similarity of messaging, I hypothesized that in order to arouse the antipathy necessary to get a large percentage of the public to support (or at least tolerate) the systematic extermination of an out-group, the in-group leaders will need to arouse specific antipathetic feelings, namely, difference, disgust, and danger.
I described manipulation as an antipathetic behaviour.
If among that cohort were those sympathetic to the military and supportive of war, surely there were also Quakers and other nonreligious pacifists antipathetic to both and for whom the message "God Bless the Troops" was a galling affront.
Although Gordon has scarcely a grudging good word to say about MacArthur, he is careful to illustrate the limited reach of MacArthur's antipathetic attitude toward rival services by depicting the many instances in which members of the army, navy, and marines came to one another's aid during the mounting crises.
In an instant, even the neutrals in the room became antipathetic.
Although usually antipathetic to the philosopher he likes to call 'the oracle', in 'Wittgenstein reads Russell' he provides a beguiling account of the thinking behind the Tractatus.
Offering alternatives to hypernationalism and other antipathetic perspectives, this exploration will help establish the experiential or quasi-experiential foundation needed to afford awareness and sensitivity toward both connection and difference for others dissimilar in choice and predicament.
Workers, and the unions that represent them, have found it increasingly difficult to operate against the combined weight of corporations and a provincial government antipathetic to the rights of workers.
As their unconscious energy is high, therefore in most cases the individual projects these to other people, whom shall be regarded as antipathetic, moreover hate-worthy.
Instead, he obeyed that same spirit that made French War Minister Georges Picquart, whilst personally antipathetic toward Captain Dreyfus, seek the overturning of Dreyfus's conviction for treason: an objective evil had prevailed, it must not continue to prevail, and those who extenuated it degraded the very nation they purported to love.
Toward the end of his political career, Powell was engaged in campaigns as diverse as his insistence that Earl Mountbatten had been murdered not by the IRA but by the "American intelligence services and their friends," and that fox-hunting was "a much-loved side of our national character," and thus "deeply antipathetic to those in the Labour party.
Others are escalatory cases, where small dispositions cause greater effects along a process, and antipathetic cases, where two powers dispose towards some effect when considered separately, but dispose against it when they are composed.